SILEX GRIT – the innovative poultry grit is produced by breaking from flint.

Flint stones or flints are a very hard and tough rock which is rough around the edges. The special treatment of Ziegler SilexGrit includes drying, screening and dedusting. The high quality of the raw material, hard flint, and the special treatment make SILEXGRIT the perfect additive for poultry nutrition. The angular grain pulp the food well and quickly without injuring the sensitive stomach. Better food incorporatioin can significantly save on feedingstuff. Increases weight mass of poultry. (Increase in weight of poultry)

The advantages:

  • High-class standard as feed and no building material such as quartz
  • Reduced expenses through better nutrient digestion
  • For a better development of the crop and gizzard
  • Improved feed utilization
  • Contains 7% CaCO3 – full bioavailable calcium
  • Is an important indicator for the breeding quality
  • SilexGrit remains for longer period in the stomach – it creates a depot effect.