The muscovite mica powder MicaCelia is due to its high lamellarity and purity a very special functional filler. The finely tuned process of selection, grinding and classification guarantees a high aspect ratio and highest purity. As a natural silica, MicaCelia is chemically inert, resistent to most acids and oxidation, unsoluble in water and has a high temperature resistance. MicaCelia as a very pure muscovite mica exhibiting excellent electrical insulation properties.

MicaCelia acts as a functional filler in anticorosion paints and in wall coatings and textured finishes, both for crack control and gloss control. Its lamellar structure allows to improve application of the coatings and their adhesion.

The standard grades of MicaCelia are dryground, they give best performance as to gloss control. Wetground grades present a higher specific surface, they are preferred for silkgloss paints or technical coatings.

Mica Flakes in different granulometries apply as crack controll and decorative element in wall coatings and textured finishes.

For applications the large flakes of MicaCelia MF are available with a blue-silver color as well as the calcined MicaCelia MF-Cal in a warm orange-golden color.

For welding electrodes MicaCelia is well established and also available as a clacined version MicaCelia Cal.

All types are available as MicaCelia-HT that is optimized for biozide free (or low) formulations.