Decorative wall coatings (renders, plasters, etc.) protect and decorate facades of buildings and define the design of interior walls. The structure and quality of a wall finish is strongly dependent on the quality of the granules used.

Granomar™ granules are produced from the purest and best Carrara Marble available. The raw material is selected in the whitest quarries from the Apuan Alps (Tuskany). The quality results of the optimum properties of Carrara Marble for wall finishes: a low hardness but a high mechanical stability and a high whiteness with low transparency.

Granomar is crushed in a special process leading to a nearly round edge. This structure allows the creation of difficult structures with a uniform appearance. Beside the structure also the precise screening is essential for a excellent workability that can be achieved by Granomar™.

Granomar™ in standard quality is a very white material without dark grains. To achieve this homogenous appearance dark impurities from Iron content are sorted out from the raw material.

The high whiteness of Granomar™ allows a strong reduction of white pigments in the formulation of wall finishes.

Granomar™ Extra White is the next development step –
an optically sorted quality in which remaining grey granules are removed in order to achieve a homogenous quality. This quality is especially suitable for applications like acustic coatings and the tinting of light colors.

Beside the granules the precisely screened marble sands are a specially fine raw material. The excellent whiteness gives a good appearance for spacks, coating and adhesives. The narrow sieving – even with reduction of fines – allow an optimum adjustment of granulometry and an optimal performance with minimum of binder absorption.